How to create a stunning dessert table for your event? A complete party set up guide with party decor ideas

Dinosaur birthday party ideas

Whether it’s your baby shower, baby gender reveal, your child’s birthday or any celebration of a milestone, a beautifully decorated dessert table with lots of goodies and snacks will add a special touch to your social event.

If you’re unsure where to begin and how to put a dessert table together without the effort, we’ve prepared a list of things to think about when organising your kid’s themed event.


Choose a Party Theme

One of my favourite things to do for my son’s birthday parties is to think of a theme they like and create all the decoration and desserts on the theme and colours choice. This way you can create a fun cake and dessert table they can relate to. 

Here at The Party Architect, we have lots of cool options of themes and you can have a look at them here to get some ideas: Mermaid, dinosaur, circus, safari, outer space, tropical beach, hippie, skate, Frozen and Frida inspired… the options are endless.


Themed Party Decoration

Here, my best advice is to immerse yourself in the chosen party theme and think of everything you can relate to this theme.

For example, if you’re planning a Frozen Party, what are the characters of the movie? Does your child have any toy that you can use to help decorating the table? Props are a fantastic way to solidify the theme of your event.


What is the colour scheme of the chosen party theme?

Circus birthday party ideas

Once you have your theme (it could be anything but let’s play with circus), come up with 2-5 colours to use within that theme. So, with circus party, I’ll choose red, blue and yellow as my main 3 colours and white and a little bit of gold as accents.


What can you use as a background for the dessert table?

The backdrop is at eye level and probably the first thing your guests will see. You want it to be eye-catching and in the context of the theme.

All our party pack supplies include 3 backdrops that together make a beautiful composition for our party decor.



Dinosaur birthday party balloon garland ideas 

A party is not a party without balloons. Balloons are the best party decor for indoor or outdoor parties. They’re eye-catching, inexpensive, and you can get super creative with them too.

An organic balloon garland is a super easy way to make a big impact for your event! They’re incredibly simple to make and we’ve prepared some all-inclusive DIY balloon garland packs to make it even easier. Check them out here


Cake & Desserts for the Party

When I think of the party decoration, another important point are the cake and desserts. I always try to think of beautiful things to add that WOW factor for your table. Not only decorated cupcakes and donuts but sometimes you can easily create something with desserts that’s related to the theme.

Dinosaur birthday party ideas of desserts

One good example is this volcano I created for my son’s second birthday party. The party theme was Jurassic world and dinosaurs and I put together a bunch of profiteroles (you can find them in the supermarket or get a baker to make them for you). You can simply put one on top of the other to create the shape of the volcano, or if you can glue one to another using chocolate, which is what I did. To finish the volcano, I cut some art paper (or cardstock) to create the lava shape and glued some cotton balls on it. Doesn’t it look cool?

Skateboard birthday party cake decoration ideas

The cake is the main item of the dessert table. They also need to be in the theme and colour choices and a great and easy way to have them beautifully decorated is using cake toppers. Here are some options of our hand-crafted cake toppers. 


How many desserts do I need for a dessert table?

Aside from the cake, plan for at least 3-4 different bite-sized treats: 1-2 theme-related treats and 1-3 store-bought or homemade treats dolled up to match your theme. Most of the treats should stay within the colour scheme of your theme.

The quantity of sweet treats calculated is about 3-5 bite-sized treats for each guest but if you’re having a kid’s party, I find that most kids will want at least one of everything.


Set Up the Dessert Table

skateboard birthday party dessert table decoration ideas

Not only do you need to get all the yummy treats for the party, but you’ll also have to set up the dessert table and display all the goodies.

We recommend starting with a tablecloth in the theme and colour chosen. Then you can display the cake and dessert stands, trays and pots you have. Remember to have everything in the colour palette of the chosen theme.

Another good advice is to create visual interest with heights and add dimensions to the whole look.  You can’t just plop platters on a flat table. That’s just so plain. You need to make things look exciting.

The basic rule is that items in the back will be more elevated and items in the front will be flat on the table.

You can use all kinds of things to create height:

  • Cupcake holders
  • Tall cake platters
  • Crates
  • Jars
  • Themed props
  • Baskets (upside-down)
  • Vases / Flowers

The Standard and Deluxe Party Decoration Packs from The Party Archt. collection, come with stunning exclusive decorated boxes and/or cake stands and trays in the colours of the chosen theme. They are made from the best quality materials and can be re-used to all your events. Check our range here.


Party in the Box – Our Party Decoration Supply Kit

skate birthday party dessert table decoration ideas

We all know that being a busy mum is not an easy job and planning a fancy party for your little one might stretch you a little thin and our Party in the Box decoration packs are the solution for you.

Party in the Box is our flagship product. It’s totally exclusive to us and you will not find a product range of fully prepared party decoration packages anywhere else.

The convenient done-for-you party boxes supply you with everything you need to create a beautifully styled event and snap tons of incredible family photo moments to treasure forever.

Leave the work to us – just choose your party theme and you’ll receive all your decorations in the supply kit as well as a setting suggestion. Your party will look like you have an event stylist just for you!

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