Wondering how to make a balloon garland? Follow these 5 easy steps tutorial

A balloon garland is a super easy way to make a big impact for any kind of party: kid’s birthday parties, baby showers, baby gender reveal celebrations… They’re easy to make which you’ll see with the 5-step balloon garland tutorial we will show you.

Balloons are always a beautiful, colourful and fun addition to your party decoration. You really don’t need much to make a balloon garland – before we get into the ‘how to’, I must mention that a balloon garland consists of balloons filled with room air (aka oxygen) and won’t float, it needs to be hung.


What supplies do you need to make a balloon garland?

There are tons of ways to DIY a balloon garland but I’m not about that hot glue gun life or tying 4 balloons to each other – ain’t nobody got time for that!

To keep it simple, I only used 5 total supplies, the same you’ll find in all our DIY Balloon Garland Kits


Balloon garland supplies list:                                         

Balloon Inflater

Honestly not sure how I lived without a balloon inflater for so long! It just fills up balloons for you quickly and without wasting your breath.

The air pump provided in our kits, inflates twice as fast as standard balloon pumps so your balloon decorations will be inflated in next to no time. 

Balloon Decorating Strip

Balloon decorating strip (or balloon tape) comes with holes pre-cut so that all you need to do is slip the filled and tied balloon knot into the strip.

Latex Balloons

You’ll want a bunch of latex balloons in a variety of colours – note! 

  • How many balloons do you need to make a garland?

It depends on how big and thick you want your garland.

Our 1.5m balloon garland kits (mini) contains 35 regular balloons and 10 mini balloons. The 3.5m balloon garland kits (regular) contains 2 large balloons, 60 regular balloons and 20 mini balloons. Our 5m balloon garland kits (large) contain 3 large balloons, 80 regular balloons and 30 mini balloons.

Our balloons are of the highest quality because they are made from 100% natural, biodegradable latex with no added fillers. This also means that they will last for days, far longer than other store-bought balloons.

Glue Dots

The glue dots provided in our DIY Balloon Garland Packs are the easiest way to stick the mini balloons into the gaps you might have or to break up colours and sizes of your balloon garland. They will make it look like a professional garland without much effort.

Shine Spray

The shine spray helps you not only have brighter and shinier balloons but to also be able to put the garland up the garland days before the party.

Please note we are the only store that sends the Shine Spray together in the DIY kits.

  • Can I make a balloon garland the night before? How long will a balloon garland last?

If you’re making a garland with room air, it will last at least 3 days. So, feel free to make it the day before your party and you can focus on other things day-of.


Now that you know everything you’ll need, these are the 5 easy steps to make a gorgeous balloon garland:


  1. Blow up balloons
What you need to make a balloon Garland?

Blow up balloons using the hand pump (provided in our DIY Balloon Garland Kits) or an electric balloon inflator, in case you already have one. Don’t blow them up too big to make them look misshaped.


  1. Attach balloons to decorating strip

how to make a balloon garland in 5 easy steps

Using the balloon decorating strip, push the end of each balloon through the hole to attach. leave about 10cm at the beginning and end of the strip to make it easier to attach it to the wall later.

If you have either the regular or large sizes garlands, I recommend starting with the 60cm balloons (bigger ones). You could attach one of them to the strip to begin, then a few regular balloons, and continue your garland with the remaining ones.

Attach balloons to both sides of the strip to create an even cluster. don’t stress about the pattern! Just fill it up and remember, you can always manipulate them to lay differently when you hang it.


  1. Glue mini balloons

how to make a balloon garland in 5 easy steps

When you have attached all regular and large balloons, use the glue dots (provided in our DIY Balloon Garland Packs) to stick the mini balloons into the gaps you might have or to break up colours and sizes.

how to make a balloon garland in 5 easy steps

You can also do this step after attaching the garland to the wall. This way you can fill the gaps only on the side that people will see the garland.


  1. Make your garland shine

how to make a balloon garland in 5 easy steps

Spray the Balloon Shine provided in your kit directly onto the balloons. Using a soft cloth or cloth glove spread it evenly on the balloon surface.


  1. Attach it to your wall

How to make a balloon garland step by step

You can use hooks and fishing line to attach each end of the balloon garland to the walls or anywhere else you want to have them placed. 

That’s all! This is the easiest way to make a balloon garland. Following these easy steps, you will have your balloon garland ready in less than an hour.

We have balloon garland supplies in all sorts of colour combination you can think of. Please check our collection here.