Top Trending Kid’s Party Ideas for this Year

Let’s get ready for a year full of celebrations. After almost two years partying at home, we should expect a year full of parties.

While the classic party theme favourites will always be around, trends will come and go. Here are our predictions of birthday party, baby shower & gender reveal decorations, that people will be talking about for years to come.

Party decorations are becoming a must. Everyone wants to have that Insta Ready piece of decor. They key is in the details, making sure that every little thing would look good on someone’s social media feed.


Our Predictions:


 kids' themed dessert ideas


Themed Party Desserts: If you ask any chef, they will agree that food can rise to the levels of fine art. While molecular gastronomy has been reinventing restaurants for years, kids’ catering is finding its own ways to shine. Caterers are thinking outside the box (and the traditional birthday cake) with new presentations and flavours.


Themed Cuisine Containers: Food buffets all but disappeared throughout the pandemic. In their place, individual servings of pre-packaged snacks kept guests satiated — and safer. We especially love how packaging became the perfect blank canvas for branding and party themes.


Cake in a Jar: Salads in a jar have been a thing for a long time. After all, they’re so convenient (and Instagrammable). We love how this concept has shifted to desserts. With individually served mini birthday cakes becoming increasingly popular due to COVID-19, we expect this trend to stick around. Our stomachs (and Instagram accounts) approve.


Balloon Arches and Garlands: These are an ever-popular decoration for parties and can be done in so many ways to create an amazing party backdrop or entrance. The organic balloon garlands are still a thing. Use a large wall area to attach your garland to and make them in matching colours with your dessert table themed decorations. For an outdoor party, use camping hooks and fishing line to attach it to the desired place. Balloons look amazing attached to the trees if you are doing your party in a park.




Candy Colours Balloons: Matte colour schemes are taking over everything from manicured nails to living room walls. Best of all, matte is making its mark on kids’ birthday balloon décor. Click here to see how cute the matte balloons created for our barnyard themed birthday party are.


Flower Walls: These gorgeous walls make for the prettiest photo backdrop. This is a picture-perfect addition to your decorations if you are having a Boho themed party or any other theme that suits florals such as Tea Party or Enchanted Garden.


Rattan Throne Chair: This has started to become a popular trend, especially at Boho and Unicorn themed parties. Set up this grand chair ready for the guest of honour to sit in and revel in the spotlight! They are used specially in Baby Showers.


Boho Picnic: This is a trending layout for outdoor parties. Start by laying down large rugs, then use pallets or floor level tables and scatter cushions around the outside for guests to sit and enjoy a casual meal.


Beach Party Decoration


Beach Party: You don’t need a beach for beach birthday party décor. Beach parties are still a thing and we love how cool our Beach Please themed party decoration look.


Beach Party Floor Display Cutout Decor
Floor Cutouts: Photo cardboard cutouts aren’t just for fairs. The kid’s love playing with them that’s why they’re included in all our Party Décor Packs.


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