Why you should host a Frida Kahlo Birthday Party?

A feminine world full of art, flowers and nuances is where any characterization of Frida Kahlo begins.


We believe that we need to raise the girls with concepts that value female strength without resorting to fairy tales as the only reference and this girl’s party theme brings it all together with the beautiful flowery layout of our Frida inspired party décor.


Frida Kahlo party ideas 

A Mexican painter ahead of her time, passionate about art and a symbol of Mexican culture, Frida is also known for her strength and struggle in favour of women.


At a time when women fight and preach their equal rights with men, a theme like Frida Kahlo for a children’s party is loaded with intensity in a world full of colours.


Frida was a true warrior, suffered great adversity throughout her life and managed to transform her suffering into art. She is also a style icon, as she always wore brightly coloured dresses, flowers in her hair, her figure is full of personality.


 Mexican Party Decoration


Frida Kahlo party decoration is our favourite party theme for girls, as in addition to being a painter (colours!), she was in love with the culture of her country rich in … colours (from nature, culture, clothing, architecture, everything in Mexico is rich in colour)! So, the decoration of this party theme is very exuberant, full of character, colourful and typically Mexican.


The Viva la Vida party decoration pack has a stunning tablecloth that you’ll be able to use later in any lunch / dinner table setting and will sure bring that WOW factor to your party. We have the little Frida in the backdrops and a lot of Mexican designs… Cactus, Skull, Flowery patterns etc.


Colourful Balloon Garland


If you want even more colours on your dessert table, you should place a colourful balloon arch together with the backdrops, like this beautiful Viva la Vida Balloon Garland that was specially created to match our Frida Kahlo Inspired Mexican Party Theme.


For the desserts, we suggest everything colourful. Here are some options:

  • Home-made individual fruit salads,
  • Flower lollipops,
  • Ice-cream cake pops in Mexican patterns,
  • Floral sugar cookies,
  • Colourful macaroons and
  • A buttercream colourful cake with our Frida inspired cake decoration on top.


For the activities, you can go all about art! You can set up an art table where the kids can paint their own self-portrait on mini canvas, just like Frida loved to do. They can also paint other things like mini flower pots and cups. You can play games like “Pin the eyebrows on the Frida” and make a photo booth with some Frida props.


With our done-for-you party decoration packs, we want you to spend less time organising your party so you can focus in the most important part, getting to spend time with everyone you love and enjoy a day of celebration.